The Scores Are In! Viva Hypnosis scores a massive 8.5/10 = Excellent Review on Writebase!

We are delighted to announce that our latest performance of Viva Hypnosis at The Epstein, scored a humongous 8.5/10 = Excellent review from Mark Armstrong at Writebase!

0200_Viva Hypnosis Epstein-9125

Here’s a few highlights here…

“Simon Warner’s Viva Hypnosis show takes the most logical and audience-friendly approach possible. Those in attendance are given the chance to volunteer for participation – and there were plenty of takers at the Epstein – but anyone who for whatever reason may prefer to remain a spectator will not be forced to get up on stage. In other words, those who want to get involved are given this opportunity, and those who want to watch proceedings are welcome to do so. It’s a win-win!”

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“Now that I have removed any fears that you may have about attending this show in the event that you end up being unwillingly spotlighted, you will be equally pleased to know that the show itself is a blast. It’s almost mesmerising to see how a group of perfectly normal people (well, mostly), who are in complete control of their faculties, lose control of their senses to Warner.”

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“It happens slowly at first, but it’s clear to see that their words, their actions, their behaviour, hell almost their lives, for the duration of this show, are in the hands of the hypnotist. And as the show progresses, it’s clear that something as simple as a snap of the fingers or a one-syllable word can halt people in their tracks, or get them to do something that, in a normal environment, they would never have the bottle to do.”

“It’s incredible to see how one person can have such control over a variety of people (and not in a scary cult kind of way). For that reason alone, this show is worth watching, because one can only imagine how a man like Warner could develop the skills to reach the point where he can use words and actions to essentially control the volunteers.”

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“Simon’s approach, along with the impressive production techniques (and some nice dancers to serve as additional eye-candy), and the creativity that he demonstrates in bringing these strangers together and introducing them to unimaginable situations, means that the show as a whole is almost guaranteed to provide entertainment; if the volunteers are truly game for a laugh, then that is the icing on the cake.”

“I would highly recommend that you attend Simon’s show in future…”

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