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Star Of Viva Hypnosis: Simon Warner:

Internationally Renowned Stage Hypnotist
Simon Warner is a world renowned Stage Hypnotist who has who has hypnotised over 5,000 people all around the world from London to Las Vegas, Australia and beyond…! With over 20 years of worldwide entertainment experience and 8 years as a professional Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Simon brings his wealth of knowledge, skills and sense of humour to create an entirely new, innovative and mesmerising hypnotic entertainment show. Simon brings his characteristic energy, liveliness and enthralling stage-presence to a brand new interactive experience, you won’t want to sleep through! (Unless you volunteer of course!)

Definitely not your
hypnosis show…

Experience A Tantalising Taster of Viva Hypnosis By Watching Our Official Trailer Here:
Viva Hypnosis: The Live Show:
See What’s In-Store When You Join Us At This More ‘Fabulous’ Type Of Hypnosis Show!

Get ready to be transported to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas
where you have the opportunity to be the star of the show!

Viva Hypnosis is a fabulous Vegas-style night out that you will NEVER forget!

In this lively, vibrant and fun-filled show, Simon Warner, world-renowned Comedy Hypnotist and his dance troupe, The NTrancers, will take you to a world where anything and everything is possible – all through the power of hypnosis. All this is set to a stomping score of hand-clapping, feet-tapping sing-along tunes, dazzling lights and a set of mesmerising visuals.

And the best bit? You, the audience gets to choose how you want to experience the show! Whether you simply sit back, relax and enjoy the show or choose take part and revel in being one of our stars for the night, you will be amazed, entertained and laugh your socks off right the way through!

One thing’s for sure, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the stage the whole time!
Bring yourselves, your family, your friends and your laughing muscles as you prepare for
the most exhilarating hypnotic ride of your lives.

Breathe in deeply…

To see how Viva Hypnosis is redefining the art of comedy hypnotism…
check out this article from the prestigious British Comedy Guide here:



To Dazzle And Shine


That Gets You Off Your Seat


Amazing Eye Candy Visuals

Introducing Our NTrancers:

So Much More Than Just A Dance Crew…

Our fabulous dance crew; ‘The NTrancers’ are here to make sure that we get you stamping your feet, clapping your hands and dancing in the aisles! As well as getting you all rocking, our NTrancers are also trained in the basics of Hypnosis in order to properly look after our volunteers on stage.

Our current NTrancers are the original Choreography Team and cast of Viva Hypnosis. With an impressive dance, spanning dancing engagements all around the world, including Disneyland Paris, working with Britain’s Got Talent finalists Flawless and as Tinchy Stryder’s backing dancers at Wembley Stadium.

They are proud and privileged to be touring the world with Viva Hypnosis and look forward to ‘NTrancing’ you with their hypnotic moves!”

When And Where Can You Come Join Us?…
For A Night Of Interactive Hypnotic Hilarity…

“If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be hypnotised on stage then this show is probably one of the best chances you’ll ever get. I could hear audience members in stitches. Incredibly funny.”

StarRatingThe Mumble
“It was as if the angel of ethereality was fencing with the devil of cynicism on my shoulders while this full-power cabaret show was exploding round my senses. A quite curious evening that has left me with a thoroughly reccommendable ‘I’ve enjoyed myself’ after-taste.”

8.5 / 10 = EXCELLENT: Writebase

“Guaranteed to provide entertainment, a fantastically entertaining night – the show succeeds as an entertainment spectacle, it is hilarious to watch!

Simon Warner’s Viva Hypnosis show takes the most logical and audience-friendly approach possible – those who want to get involved are given this opportunity, and those who want to watch proceedings are welcome to do so. The show is a blast. It’s almost mesmerising to see how a group of perfectly normal people, who are in complete control of their faculties, lose control of their senses to Warner.

Simon’s approach, along with the impressive production techniques (and some nice dancers to serve as additional eye-candy), and the creativity that he demonstrates in bringing these strangers together and introducing them to unimaginable situations, means that the show is guaranteed to provide entertainment! Writebase

Donald Macinnes
“Very much enjoyed the show, entertaining and funny. Did not previously wish to participate but having seen the show would now volunteer as it is good clean fun. Great night out for a group of friends or workmates”

“Best night out for a long time. So entertaining, very funny family evening, have never laughed so much, seeing is believing. This is a must to see!”

British Comedy Guide:
“Audiences started associating hypnotism with a cheap and tacky and generally disappointing night out. Viva Hypnosis is aiming to change all that. Having previously played various cities around the world, the show has been entertaining audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe. The team behind the format are aiming to bring back a bit of “glitz and glamour” to hypnotism.”

Sharon Keulemans
“Great show for the whole family. Lots of belly laughs. Highly recommend.”

Jazahme Roger
“I’ve always been a skeptic towards hypnosis, but as a person with an open mind and willingness to participate I was intrigued to the idea of the show and whether it truly worked. In the end it was a fascinating experience and was not anything I expected. I wasn’t made to do anything degrading and didn’t feel any forcefulness to do anything but rather an an apt amount of willingness to go with suggestion. Fantastic experience which I would love to repeat as both an audience member and participant. 10/10”

Deniece Courtney
“I saw Viva Hypnosis in Liverpool, amazing! I really liked how different the show was, with the mix of dancing and hypnosis! Simon is such an amazing hypnotist and the girls were great too. I hardly stopped laughing all evening! I loved how relaxed and welcoming the atmosphere was and that we got involved in as much or as little as we wanted too. It was the first hypnosis show I had been to and I loved it! Definitely recommend the show to everyone!”

C Evans
“Fantastic! A brilliant show for all the family!”

Rachael Smith
“Wow, awesome show last night at Sandals Negril loved every minute!”

Ricky Millar
“Best show I have ever been to! Loved getting hypnotised! My family have been twice and I can’t wait to go back and get hypnotised again! I would give it a 2 million star review!”

Debs MJ
“Fabulous show for all. Audience are the stars of the show. Simon Warner is great: a down to earth showman. No one was embarrassed and everything suitable for kids – that doesn’t mean it wasn’t exceptionally funny, no matter what your age. If you only ever see one show – please make sure this is it!”

Margaret Thomson
“Absolutely amazing show I’ve never laughed so much from beginning to end. Five stars all the way!”

Jill Spivey
“What a fabulous show you gave at Sandals Negril, we had an absolute blast, the audience was so engaged I haven’t laughed so hard for a long time.”

Joyce Macdonald
“Fantastic show!! Funny, captivating and very exciting production that keeps you entertained from beginning to end. Will absolutely be back again. Loved every minute! Thank you! Xxx”

“Was hysterically funny the first time and I was lucky enough to win tickets to see the show again, which was even better, Simon is a great hypnotist and had great rapport with the crowd and his dancers were all really good too. It’s a great show and if you were wanting to volunteer yourself I’d say this would be the show to do it as it’s all family friendly but still very very funny. Would happily come back and see viva hypnosis for a 3rd time.”

“Viva Hypnosis is redefining the art of the hypnosis show by getting rid of all that ‘old hat’ stuff that people might expect and putting the ‘show’ back into the stage hypnosis show. It’s single handedly raising the bar for Hypnosis Shows worldwide”

“Don’t expect any old-skool swinging watches or people being chickens, there’s definitely no onion eating and no creepy-eyed weirdo doing the hypnotising… Just one affable, talented hypnotist and his troupe of eye-catching show-dancers. It’s mesmerising.”

“With just the right amount of cheek, Viva Hypnosis is clever, funny and a mind-blowing night of fabulous hypnotic entertainment that will have you rolling in the aisles with laughter and amazement.”

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Sandals Montego Bay, Jamaica, Caribbean

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Walt Disney World, Florida, USA

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