In December 2016, Eminent Stage Hypnotist, Simon Warner become the first Stage Hypnotist to perform in the West End in London in 15 years. Now Simon is set to bring himself and his entire cast 10,180 miles, to bring the UK’s first and currently the world’s only, full-production Comedy Hypnosis show all the way to Adelaide to make it’s Australian debut….

AND raise much-needed, life-saving funds whilst they’re there.

Viva Hypnosis’ comes to Adelaide, following highly successful shows all over the world including, Las Vegas, The Caribbean, London, Orlando and sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

And the team aren’t just coming to the festival to raise their profile down under, they are also raising funds to contribute towards their friend’s life-saving cancer treatment whilst they’re here.

Dominic Bergin, 34 from the UK, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 secondary bowl cancer and after being given only 6-12 months to live, is currently fighting for his life in a specialist hospital in Germany, where they offer life-saving advanced immunotherapy, not available in the UK.

Simon and his cast are donating all of the profits from the ticket sales from all 27 Viva Hypnosis shows at the Adelaide Fringe directly to support Dom’s life-saving treatment.

After being diagnosed with Stage 2 Bowel cancer back in 2014, Dom had an operation to remove two tumours in his large intestine and given a 6 month course of Chemotherapy to help eradicate any other cancer cells. All seemed to be going well until he started to experience some different symptoms…

In 2015 he had a second operation to remove the rectal stump and they found that the Cancer had returned and spread. This was now Stage 4 Secondary Bowel Cancer. And a more intensive Chemotherapy was needed. Unfortunately the Cancer has spread even further and Dom has now been given just 6 – 12 months to live.

Dom says “The only remaining treatment offered in the UK means I will die either way and I want to marry my beautiful fiancée Robyn. So my only option is to come to Germany to have advanced immunotherapy that can save my life.”

Dom has now started treatment at the Hallwang Clinic in Germany and it is all looking very promising. Dom says: “Each day there is great news coming from patients that are also having targeted lifesaving cancer treatments there and gives everyone a great boost and there is a great atmosphere here amongst all staff and patients.”

The cast and crew of ‘Viva Hypnosis’ are raising money to help Dom continue his life-saving treatment. So they are not only going to give YOU the time of your lives at the Adelaide Fringe, they are also hoping to help save a life too.

Definitely not your ‘ordinary’ hypnosis show, during Viva Hypnosis, audience members can expect to be transported to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, where they have the opportunity to be the star of the show.

On this exhilarating hypnotic journey down the Las Vegas strip, audience members will hear spooky stories of creepy dummies in abandoned casinos, see what happens when aliens invade the Las Vegas Strip and witness volunteers replacing the cast of a top Vegas show for the night…

With a full professional dance troupe, ‘The NTrancers’ to truly evoke that true Las Vegas experience, audience members are taken to a world where anything and everything is possible – all through the power of hypnosis – including mass hilarity. All this is set to a stomping score of hand-clapping, feet-tapping, sing-along tunes, dazzling lights and a set of mesmerising full-stage visuals.

Throughout his career, Simon has hypnotised over 5,000 people all over the world, making a very distinct departure from ‘traditional’ comedy hypnotism, adding in a cacophony of production value, and bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills and sense of humour in order to create a fresh new, innovative, interactive and of course, hypnotic form of entertainment.

There’s no eating onions and definitely no clucking like a chicken, the laughter comes from the interaction between the volunteers and with Simon on their hypnotic journey down the Las Vegas strip!

And the best bit? Audience members can choose how they want to experience the show; whether they sit back, relax and enjoy the experience as a spectator, or take part and revel in being one of the stars on stage for the night

Simon says, “I am extremely excited to be bringing ‘Viva Hypnosis’ all the way to Adelaide Fringe for it’s Australian debut and it is giving me a unique opportunity to help out a friend of mine that was there for me when I very first started my career as a Stage Hypnotist.

I first met Dom back in 2008 in my first ever year as a Stage Hypnotist, I worked with him for many years in Greece and have stayed friends for years. I was gutted to hear about Dom’s Cancer as he has always been a fit and sporty bloke and promised to do something big to raise funds for his treatment in Germany. And this is it.

Our usual theatre shows don’t give us opportunity to raise enough funds as they are usually one or two nights in each theatre….but over a run of 27 shows…we should be able to raise tons of money to help Dom continue his life-saving treatment in Germany.

Viva Hypnosis is a fun, entertaining and genuinely funny night out for everyone; whether you choose to take part or not. Every single show is hilariously different, so audiences leave with unique memories and that’s why they come back time and time again. I hope that Adelaide audiences are as excited by the show as we all are about bringing it to them and not only will they have an amazing time, they will also be doing some good in helping Dom to continue his treatment and hopefully beat his Cancer for good.”

We guarantee you have never seen a hypnosis show quite like this…and we’re sure you’ll be talking and laughing about your Viva Hypnosis experience for years to come…

We look forward to seeing Viva Hypnosis at Holden Street Theatres at the Adelaide Fringe Festival from 16th February to 18th March 2017.

To to learn more about Dom’s journey, please visit his Go Fund Me page here: where we’d also love to encourage you to donate directly to his campaign directly too.

Praise for Viva Hypnosis

British Comedy Guide

“Redefining Comedy Hypnosis”

★★★★ SGFringe
“If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be hypnotised on stage then this show is probably one of the best chances you’ll ever get. I could hear audience members in stitches. Incredibly funny.”

★★★★ The Mumble
“It was as if the angel of ethereality was fencing with the devil of cynicism on my shoulders while this full-power cabaret show was exploding round my senses. A quite curious evening that has left me with a thoroughly recommendable ‘I’ve enjoyed myself’ after-taste.”

Viva Hypnosis runs at Holden Street Theatres from 17th Feb Until 18th March. Tickets can be purchased here.



Simon Warner’s Viva Hypnosis

Venue: Holden Street Theatres; The Arch and The Studio


The Arch:

18-19 Feb, 1-2, 8, 15 Mar @ 9.30pm

25-26 Feb @ 2.30pm

4-5 Mar @ 3.30pm

Cheap Tuesdays

21, 28 Feb, 7, 14 Mar @ 9.30pm


The Studio

17, 22-25 Feb, 3-4, 9-11, 16-18 Mar @ 10.30pm



Adult: $32.00, Concession: $26.00, Group 6+: $26.00, ChpTues: $20.00